The Bell V-280 Hits its mortal Cruising Speed

A lot will happen in an exceedingly year – simply raise the Bell V-280 team. Building on a full year’s value of testing and quite eighty-five hours of flight time, the V-280 valiance, powered by GE T64 turboshaft engines, reached its mortal cruising speed of 280 knots true speed in a Gregorian calendar month.

The V-280 valiance could be a next-generation tiltrotor that’s designed to produce a vertical-lift craft for the U.S. military demonstrating unmatched property, agility, speed, vary and payload capabilities at an inexpensive price.

GE Aviation is teaming with Bell to produce logistic, engineering, integration, and onsite flight check support of the Valor’s T64-419 engines. GE Aviation remains committed to supporting the Bell check set up through the tip of the Technical Demonstration section.

“This could be a distinctive chance for the USA to partner on a technology initiative and for our evidenced T64 engine to expand its horizons,” aforesaid GE’s Linda Smith, Director of T408 & T64 Programs. “A huge shout-out to our engineering team – Lisa DiBello, Joe DiBella and Brian Coppinger – WHO is functioning closely with Team valiance to confirm progress.”
Bell and Team valiance still methodically and really with success expand the flight envelope. The craft continues to prove its performance is well on the far side heritage rotorcraft and can deliver a revolutionary capability for warfighters as a part of the long run of Vertical elevate (FVL) program.

“It could be an outstanding action to hit this speed for the V-280 valiance in mere over a year of flight testing. on the far side the exemplary speed and lightsomeness of this craft, this important milestone is yet one more proof purpose that the V-280 is a mature technology,” aforesaid Keith Flail, VP of Advanced Vertical elevate Systems at Bell.

As the program evolves, V-280 flight testing can still prove out Bell’s key performance parameters and cut back FVL risk within the U.S. Army light-emitting diode Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR-TD) program. subsequent stages can expand the performance envelope lightness additional low-speed lightsomeness maneuvers, angles of the bank and autonomous flight.

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