New Jersey’s Solberg Airport Wins Major Legal Battle in Fight Against the city

A New Jersey court of appeals has upheld Associate in Nursing earlier ruling that smitten down the city of Readington’s commit to condemn Solberg-Hunterdon aerodrome, dealing a serious finish to the airport’s house owners when a drawn-out legal battle that has dragged on for a run over a decade.

At issue is that the aerodrome owners’ want to expand the most runway to just about five,600 feet, which might allow jet traffic at the power during a mostly rural a part of central New Jersey. The city has been fighting to forestall the aerodrome from increasing through lawsuits that have wanted to seize away the land close this three,000-foot runway through legal right.

The city has lost at nearly every stage of the fight. In its ruling on Fri, the court of appeals noted that the city has the proper to file a replacement condemnation proceedings as long because it doesn’t conflict with the airport’s aviation-related activities and also the associated buffer space, however urged each side to hunt a settlement agreement instead of still do battle within the courts.
The Solberg family has opposed the township’s actions to forestall the airport’s growth, resulting in the legal battle that has been within the courts ever since at a value of several bucks to native taxpayers. it’s unclear whether or not the city can request to continue its court fight to forestall the aerodrome from increasing.

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