Jet Airways shut down its operations

After days of wresting of its deadpile finally, India’s leading flight Jet airways got shut down on 17th April.
More than 250 employees of the airlines assembled at Jantar Mantar in Delhi and they are appealing the government to bail out the airways and infuse the 1500 cr that was promised by sbi led bank consortium.
Jet Airways employees have not received salaries from the last 3 months. they are concerned about who gonna feed their families or how they will pay their kids school fee. They are into a very worst situation, their kids might get thrown out of school if they don’t their fee.
Employees are asking “If they don’t have the plan to save jet airways why did they let Naresh goyal go off, the former statement was Naresh Goyal goes to step down then they will release the emergency funds. Sbi was contacted by them going by sbi guidelines but they have simply declined the 1500cr then management asked for 1000cr they also declined again finally management asked for a smaller amount but sbi is not approving any amount “. Now, who is responsible for job loses Naresh goyal or sbi?

What people are saying?
Government is getting income from all the private companies running worldwide now its government’s responsibility to help jet airways employees. The government does not want to take any step in their favor or they just want to run away from these type of cases.
“Employees feel they are being unfairly treated”

How did the airline fail suddenly?
Jet Airways is a big Mumbai based airline company. It operated flights to 52 destinations from its main hub(Mumbai Airport). Jet Airways has collaborated with many airlines companies and had a revenue of $35 billion.
At the beginning of April, Indian Oil Corporation stopped supplying fuel to the airline due to nonpayment of funds. The employees have also been informed to stop the operation/working for flights. An aircraft was also seized at Amsterdam airport due to nonclearance of funds.
Now the big question is how can the second largest airline company stop their operation suddenly?

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